Trend Discovery

Providing capital and expertise to help growing businesses discover their full potential.

Trend Discovery invests in a select number of early stage startups each year as part of the fund’s Venture Capital strategy. We are open-minded investors with a founder first mentality. Check out our Portfolio to see examples of the types of startups that we are excited about.


Like most VC’s we focus on the technology industry as the engine of innovation and growth. Being early stage, we are more focused on the founding team than a particular sector within the industry.

Early with Conviction

Our mantra is “invest early with conviction.” We aim to be the first institutional check along with angel investors and other micro-VCs. We believe in maximizing the quality (not quantity) of startups in our portfolio and allocate capital accordingly.

Geographically Flexible

Outstanding founding teams can be located anywhere. Although we have an affinity for the Northeast, we invest in startups from coast to coast and everywhere in-between.  Many of our most exciting portfolio companies are located outside Silicon Valley.


Our mission as VC investors is to ensure our portfolio companies make it to the next level, whether that’s a Series A raise or an early exit. Our team has extensive experience is strategic advisory and capital markets.